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Regularly Reciting Specific Surahs: al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah


The Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawaa of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (al-Lajnahal-Daa’imah) received the following question:

س : أنا شاب ملتزم بقراءة سورتي الواقعة والحديد بعد أن قرأت أحاديث تذكر أن لهما فضلاً عظيمًا، فالأولى تقي وتدفع الفقر، والثانية تجلب صلاة وسلام الملائكة على قارئها، فهل علي حرج في هذا الالتزام؟ ـ

Question: I am a young person who regularly recites surahal-Waaqi’ah and surah al-Hadeed ever since I read some ahaadeeth mentioning their great virtues, that the former protects against and fends off poverty while the latter brings about the supplications of the angels upon the one who recites it. Am I doing anything wrong in regularly reciting these?

ج : قراءة القرآن مشروعة كل وقت، وتخصيص سورة معينة يلتزم الإنسان قراءتها كل ليلة يتوقف على هذا الدليل، فإن وُجد دليل صحيح ينص على قراءتها شرع ذلك، كما في آية الكرسي وسورة الإخلاص والمعوذتين…

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Three Conditions for the Acceptance of Deeds: Imam al-Shinqitee


In the year 1378 AH (1958 or 1959 CE), the King of Morocco Muhammad the Fifth visited the city of al-Madinah in Saudi Arabia. While he was there, he requested that Sheikh Muhammad al-Ameen al-Shinqitee give a lecture on the subject of the completeness of the Islamic religion. This lecture was comprised of ten points and what follows is an excerpt covering one of those points:

وأما المسألة الثالثة : التي هي الفرق بين العمل الصالح وغيره . ـ

As for the third issue: It is the difference between the actions which are righteous and those which are not.

فقد بيّن القرآن العظيم أنّ العمل الصالح هو استكمل ثلاثة أمور ، ومتى اختلّ واحد منها فلا نفع فيه لصاحبه يوم القيامة . ـ

The Majestic Qur’an has clarified that righteous actions are made complete by three factors, and when any one of them is not in place then the deed…

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Ramadan Challenge: the Need to Read!

Youth Club Blog

By Fatima Asad

I was a bibliophile.  My passion for books was that of a nerd inspiring.  I could read a 500 pager in a few hours- still can if I lock my kids in a cage and stop feeding the husband.  Go ahead and ask what was my favourite genre.  You: “What was your favourite genre?”  Thriller. Psychological thriller to be exact. In addition to that of course was the Jane Austen genre.  You know one of the reasons I literally gulped down books was because the books I was choosing to read excited me, temporarily drugged me, dragged me away from my busy academic life into an alternate reality- which was not my reality at all.  They were easy for me.

All that changed when I started reading non-fiction.  You know, the self-help books, the biographies, the how to manuals, the for-Dummies series and journalism magazines.  Oh…

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Ramadan Challenge: For the Muslim Ummah’s Pain!

Youth Club Blog

By Sualeha Khan

Have you ever scrolled down your Facebook news-feed or a news app on your phone and found heart wrenching news about bombings, pellet guns and Muslims facing torture for their beliefs and their way of dressing, or pictures of injured young, helpless children and bleeding bodies on the floor in different parts of the world?

Unless you are living under a rock I am sure you have, and you must have felt the sadness and grief at least puncture your heart if not make you tear up.

If you have been through these emotional states of mind, you should be grateful to Allah Almighty for having blessed you with a soft heart. If after reading this, you wanted to have this feeling, don’t worry, you are almost there!

But it’s not just about getting sentimental; have you thought about what you can do for these people in…

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Imam Bukhari and 1000 Dinars

Verse By Verse Qur'an Study Circle

In Al-Fawaaid Ad-daraaree, Al-Ajloonee related that Imam Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him) once traveled by boat on a journey to seek out knowledge and that he had taken with him 1000 dinar. One of his fellow travelers ingratiated himself with Imam Bukhari, outwardly showing him love and admiration. During the sea-voyage, the man often made it a point to sit in his company. On long journeys, friendships develop faster than normal, and during the course of the time they spent together, Imam Bukhari informed the man that he had 1000 dinar with him.

The morning after Imam Bukhari spoke about the money, the man woke up and began to cry, scream, rip his clothing apart, and slap his own face, as if he had just been afflicted with a great loss. His fellow shipmates asked him what was wrong, and he refused to answer at…

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